Meredith & Pat | Camp Tanadoona Wedding, Chanhassen, MN

I have found that in so many of my couples, one of them is an artist. Maybe its something they recognize in my work when seeking out a photographer, but somehow we find each other, and I love it. I have never been one for sharing wedding details, but when someone crafts with intention every part of their day, I am drawn to that heart. So mixed in with all the emotional photos are the details Meredith so thoughtfully and artfully brought into her and Pat’s wedding day.

Find her illustration work at Meredith Jane Designs

and to find some of the other talented vendors from that day check out Sister Honey Floral Co and Essen Events

Laura & Bjorn


Room to breath in deeply, to truly sink in to your day.  

Throw out every tradition (seriously just toss it).  There is no need to spend this most beautiful of days hiding from each other or anxiously trying to squeeze in every ritual.  

What if you created your own?  Like having coffee together in the morning while sitting in that favorite swing by the lake, carving out an hour for a first look so you can hold, and kiss, and share some significant time together just the two of you on your most beautiful of days, get married intimately surrounded by everyone you love and hugging each and every one of them, then sneaking off in a canoe while the sun is setting.  If you don't believe the magic that can be created, when you stop trying to plan "the wedding" and start planning something that is so deeply yours take a look at Laura & Bjorn's images and fall into their story.   This space is so authentically theirs.   The beauty, and love, and community that fills is so much bigger than any tradition, it is everything.