Christine & Alex | American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis MN

Getting to photograph a dear friends wedding is such an incredible gift. For Christine that meant a slow morning (complete with brunch with her 14 closest girlfriends) and time in the schedule for bridal portraits. It also meant being able to ask each parent what they needed and making 10min for mom to have alone time with her daughter, and to take some extra family formals for the grooms relatives. The freedom to be in relationship instead of just being in service to the couple, and given a pass to truly be invited into their story makes this work so deeply rewarding.

Plus a warm sunny June day in the courtyard of The American Swedish Institute and decor and florals by my favorite Sisterhoney Floral Co. truly set a beautiful tone for their day.

Meredith & Pat | Camp Tanadoona Wedding, Chanhassen, MN

I have found that in so many of my couples, one of them is an artist. Maybe its something they recognize in my work when seeking out a photographer, but somehow we find each other, and I love it. I have never been one for sharing wedding details, but when someone crafts with intention every part of their day, I am drawn to that heart. So mixed in with all the emotional photos are the details Meredith so thoughtfully and artfully brought into her and Pat’s wedding day.

Find her illustration work at Meredith Jane Designs

and to find some of the other talented vendors from that day check out Sister Honey Floral Co and Essen Events

Rebecca & Alec | Semple Mansion Wedding

The first time we ever met, in a local coffee shop to chat about wedding photography, we found ourselves way past empty cups in honest conversation about vulnerability.  

The second time was just weeks before their wedding.  In this conversation we talked about the stress of last minute details and compromises, all the spent money and energy, and of course like any couple caught up in the heart of the wedding planning grind, will be asking themselves, is this all going to be worth it (we could of just eloped).  But then we talked about how weddings are about marriage.  And while you are getting married to each other, it is an entire community that can make that promise.  To have them surround you and say yes to supporting you throughout your lives.  

And so their day became the perfect combination of these things.  The ability to be open, and vulnerable, and love right up close, alongside the beautiful community that uplifted and cared for them so generously throughout the day.  Lastly, their thoughtful and intentional schedule allowed for so much time to soak up that community and take quiet moments with each other.   So many moments I, with the fullest heart, photographed.  And am certainly sharing in abundance! 

Venue:  Semple Mansion    Florist: Arts And Flowers