Rebecca & Alec | Semple Mansion Wedding

The first time we ever met, in a local coffee shop to chat about wedding photography, we found ourselves way past empty cups in honest conversation about vulnerability.  

The second time was just weeks before their wedding.  In this conversation we talked about the stress of last minute details and compromises, all the spent money and energy, and of course like any couple caught up in the heart of the wedding planning grind, will be asking themselves, is this all going to be worth it (we could of just eloped).  But then we talked about how weddings are about marriage.  And while you are getting married to each other, it is an entire community that can make that promise.  To have them surround you and say yes to supporting you throughout your lives.  

And so their day became the perfect combination of these things.  The ability to be open, and vulnerable, and love right up close, alongside the beautiful community that uplifted and cared for them so generously throughout the day.  Lastly, their thoughtful and intentional schedule allowed for so much time to soak up that community and take quiet moments with each other.   So many moments I, with the fullest heart, photographed.  And am certainly sharing in abundance! 

Venue:  Semple Mansion    Florist: Arts And Flowers        

Ashley & T | Aria Minneapolis Wedding

I haven't blogged a wedding in awhile. Truthfully I have been busier than I would like to be, and each moment "off the clock" I have been soaking up the MN summer sun.  Also I am not sure if anyone reads blogs anymore?  And also I treat vacation as sacred and love shutting off my email.  And while I am sure other photographers would prefer not to admit that they can't keep up the illusion of "doing it all" (or also maybe they can and I just love playing with clay and having coffee with people who friend me on instagram)...but either way, I have needed a break....

But THIS wedding was just calling to be shared!  Yes, it was at one of the coolest venues in the city, including vintage flags, a flower wall made by the bride, gold spray painted dinosaurs, a live band, smores bar for dessert, and so much more I could brag about (and certainly will share enough pictures to show that off).  But what made it so special was it didn't feel like a work day in the least.  Ashley and Andrew and family just let me in, and I felt as if I fit into their day so gracefully.   I think that is what makes Ashley and Andrew so amazing.  You feel their energy as soon as you are in their presence, their joy, their tears, their wholehearted smiles, are contagious.  You just know you are in the presence of a big big love. 

Oh and also they can throw one hell of a party!

**Also huge shout out to my talented second photographer Annabelle.  (check out her work!) 


2015 Reflection

Spent a few hours gathering some of my favorite images from this last year.  From engagement sessions and crowns of flowers to 17 beautiful couples who brought me along to capture their wedding day.  

I actually can not believe that this was my year!  From photographing two weddings the year before and falling in love with it.  Then telling myself YES lets try this for real.  I could never have imagined how it all would play out.  Mostly I am sincerely grateful for these beautiful people who put their trust in me to tell their stories.  Who opened up their arms and invited me in.  To the continued friendships of some awesome brides and grooms, girlfriends who fearlessly played along for photo dates, and weddings that brought me to cities I have never been.  Each of you hold a special place in my heart.  


Interested in booking a wedding for 2016 dates?  Please inquire on my Contact page.  Can't wait to see what next year will hold.