I don't know why I repeatedly correlate success with being able to do all the things all the time.  How I almost feel boastful as I tell people I am busy and run along to the next place, only to hit a wall 3 days later.  I have basically realized the limits of my "woman pulling it all off" is about 10 days.  After that you will find me to many days in to be pulling off the messy unshowered look, and either in tears or sleeping.  Yet for some reason I repeatedly put myself through that cycle.  Moving farther and farther from a healthy center and then crashing back in.  Then I rebuild with only the basics, the things that make me feel most alive.  I get back to a happy place, and then I begin adding on again.  

This is actually just my thoughts jotted down as I come out of another I-pushed-too-hard-and-now-I-am-spent cycle, so I can not offer a nicely buttoned resolution.   But maybe someone is nodding along thinking "I feel ya girl".  And honesty is refreshing. 

P.S.  I love the group of women, that for over a year now have helped me to continue to share little pieces and images of myself over on The Story of Me Project.