I love what I do and am so grateful for the beautiful weddings I get to witness and photograph.  Because I have a day job as well, I have been able to create a wedding photography business as close to a dream job as you can get.  I am filled with gratitude constantly for what it has become. 

It also, sometimes, still has that job part attached; the part that means requirements and expectations, answering emails and managing my schedule.  The not so glamorous side of any work. 

As a creative, being able to listen and create the art I feel called to is the center I am always trying to find.  Lately I have found the courage to say yes and chase every creative pulse that stirs.  It has brought me to a pottery wheel, to inviting mothers and their babies into my home, photographing  families everyday.  None of which helps pay the bills, but through simply creating from the heart I am centering in on what makes me feel most alive. 

And this.  A woman and artist, pouring her energy and light into her craft.  These images feel like both our hearts cracked open.    A powerful and brave statement of this is what I am here to do.  Thank you Aubrey for sharing that space.  


Aubrey's shop is White Mountain Ware, or follow her Instagram @whitemountainware