River Journey

|| Just promise me, that however crazy that adventure in my heart may seem, that you will understand that I must go || A few months ago I threw out a wishlist for the universe on my blog. 

I filled it with those daydream inspiring, life giving, make your chest want to burst, wishes of the heart.  

And it became the start of the most incredible adventure! 

My list included photographing my first wedding; I now have four lovely couples booked for 2015!  It also included using photography to give a voice, and while I would still love to push this one farther, it has been great to have my friends and fiancé, who work in ministry, help me find ways to apply my passion for photography within the church.I have yet to shoot a proposal, or make my way to some mountains, but I will let you know when it happens!

And lastly I had a wish to get photographed in a river by Michelle Gardella.  

So when Michelle extended an invite, I knew I had to listen to my heart. 

I am making my way to the River.  

The Colorado River running through Austin, Texas to be exact.   

How am I going to get myself to Austin, Texas in May?   I will get all those important details worked out, but this wish was never about logic. 

So when I nervously said to Rich, “Just promise me, that however crazy this adventure in my heart may seem, that you will understand that I must go” he simply kissed my forehead and said “go”.  

What this wishlist has taught me more than anything, is that we all need to give ourselves that same gentle blessing.   To embrace who we are, chase the dreams that bring us to life, crown ourselves with self love, and every once in awhile, give our hearts the permission to just “go”.