Calling all Couples!

I’m busy, busy, busy working on branding, website, portfolio preparing to take the dive into wedding photography in 2015.  UPDATE:  I have booked 3 lovely couples for their beautiful day, and now have set a goal for 10!  (woah, who would of thought throwing my ambitions on a blog would of had such a great response!) But while I can create a pretty logo or website, what really matters are the photographs!

So what I have really been asking myself, is what type of photographer I want to be.  What images truly inspire, really make my heart sing, the type of art that fuels a passion to create!  Now I want to focus on building a body of work that truly reflects that.  So here is where I need you...

I am looking to book a handful of lovebird sessions in the next two months, FOR FREE!  So if you feel like going on a day date with me and my camera please let me know!  One of the things I have really come to love about photography is how it allows me to create connections with people, to observe and capture a story that is uniquely theirs.

So here’s my request:

Comment here, send me a message on Facebook, a text, an email, anything, just connect!  And answer this question:

What place has become part of your story as a couple and what makes it so sacred? 

Yay, can't wait to hear from you!

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