Danna & Adam | Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Danna and Adam as a couple are entirely unique. Their passion for one another is immediately recognizable; the burning light of two hearts who have found their counterpart.  The uniqueness comes in the way they carry a wholehearted acceptance that what they found is nothing short of mystically divine.    I could not share their images without also sharing a piece of his vows for her which put into words so perfectly, this very magical love they share. 

We left our last known surroundings:
Maybe because we were young
Maybe because we were naive
Maybe because we were overzealous

Or Maybe:
Maybe because we know
that no matter where we go
or who we meet
or what jobs we may or may not have
That we will have each other.

To tell me to slow down and think for a minute.

To tell you to hurry up and jump.

And we will:
We will jump.
We will bicker.
We will disagree.
We will laugh.
We will cry.
And we will do it together.
With trembling hands
we will take chances.

When people ask us why,
Or how could we,
Or tell us
that they could never do what we were doing,
We will tell them:
“It is because we have each other.”

We will fail,
And we will triumph.
But we will have done it together.

Before you I was;
With you I am.

I am the best possible version of myself.
Because of you I am fearless.
Because of you I am hopeful.
Because of you I am.

Because of you
It doesn’t need to make sense.
Up could be down,
And down could be purple,
And when we’re together
it IS.

When I speak in rhymes,
Or in tongues,
Or in Kanye lyrics:
You get it.

When I tell you
That two crickets in a thimble
Only chirp
because the thimble’s made of stars,
You’ll say: “I know, right!”

Because when we’re together
Everything makes sense.
If it rains hammers;
We will pull out an umbrella.
If the ground turns to marbles;
We will walk without breaking stride.
If the sky is ablaze;
We will watch it burn
With campfire eyes.