Dear Bride, You are not falling behind.

Most of my brides booked last year for their upcoming wedding in 2015.   Some perhaps are A-type and are kicking ass knocking items off their to do list.  Others were like me, and photography was the important thing, and one of the few items they took care of early in the game.  Either way it got done fairly early. 

But now that it is 2015, all the inquiries flowing in have a similar tone.  Notes that say "I know I'm a little late but..." and "Sorry, I have just been busy"

And I couldn't handle it anymore.  

So I wrote back:  Dear Bride,  Don't buy into the late to the game mentality the bridal industry is telling you.  You are exactly where you need to be and everything will come together as it should.  

And guess what darling, stressed out, beautiful bride.  Even though your checklist is full of red items and a dozen people have told you that you should of booked a photographer by now, and how can you not know what is going to be served for dinner, and you need to buy this wedding dress today because it is 8 months till your wedding and your cutting it tight.... IT IS ALL GOING TO BE OK.  

More then ok.  It will be magical.  

Girls who get married in 2 months still wear white dresses.  People will figure out a place to sit if you skip the name cards.  

And at the end of the day, if the only thing you poured energy into was creating a space to gather a community of people who love you, a simple reflection of who the two of you are as humans (not event planners), and the crazy love you share, you got it darling.

P.S.  I still laugh out loud when I see that picture of the beer bottle I spray painted gold 2 days before the wedding because I didn't want to make another trip to the antique store!  Or when our friends struggled through the impromptu singing of the pray before dinner...

But I wouldn't of changed a single thing.   It is all part of our story, and the messes belong in there too. 

Photos by: Paul Vincent Photography

Photos by: Paul Vincent Photography