You two are a combination of a breath of experiences; the places that shaped you, the people who've raised you, and the communities that have surrounded you.  

In the million little moments that make up a life, you found love.  

I want to create images that honor YOU.  

That celebrate and tell your story honestly.  

A document to make sure,

this is one day you will never forget.  

This is not a guide.  This is a permission slip.  

To trust your intuition, and trust your heart.

To create a day filled with only the things that mean the most to you.


It is not about the details or the backdrop.  It's about your love, your families, where you have come from and where you will go from here.  A brief and beautiful day to celebrate the two of you.  You do not have to spend it posing in front of a camera, faking moments that may be trendy now but whose glamor will fade with time.  Instead you can wholeheartedly experience this day.  I will capture moments that are true, so that generations from now, you can still feel the story.