My photography has become primarily focused on empathy with my subject; the ability to see a life, witness a story, and honor the humans who step in front of my lens by creating honest documentaries.  At best, I am able to erase the evidence of myself from their images.

My work with clay however, is my place to fully explore that expression of self.   I dive into the primal properties of clay, study forms and their function, and I get to play.   I am not sure where this craft is headed.  I know i want to pour my heart into handcrafted bowls and mugs that will carry warmth and love to those I love.  I dream to be able to expand my craft and someday have a wheel of my own.  When I close my eyes, I can see a small  home built studio tucked away in a woodsy spot, the smell of pine in the breeze and the sound of the rain on the roof...

I really believe that the important work is in the process.  I could wait till I was making hundreds of the same perfect porcelain cups and then set up a beautifully curated shop, but the heart is in this mess, and I would rather have you join me here.  So follow along, and be patient with me. If you are interested in a piece, or would like to talk about making something custom, or better yet want to get your hands in some clay as well, please reach out. 

Stay tuned!