When I put my hands in clay, and start to turn a muddy ball of earth into a bowl, I am pulled in.  Our every day life's are surrounded by glamour and gold, made shiny to catch our attention.  But it is here I am drawn, to the simplest primal elements.  

Most may say, what does that have to do with photography?  

For me, everything.

I want you to invest in images you can grow old with.  You will out live the wedding fads and photo trends.  If these photos are only glitter they will fade. So I seek moments filled with the TRUTH of who you are, where you are coming from, and how fiercely you loved.  

We will create a space for you to be yourselves, so it is not about making photographs, but truly being present.   Capturing the way your eyes crinkle when your partner makes you really laugh, how fiercely your mom hugs you when she see’s you in that white dress, the quiet magical moments between the mess and chaos of those first few days with your new baby.  

These are your beginnings, the honest, messy, impossibly beautiful story of you.  It is my job to tell that story.