Ashley & T | Aria Minneapolis Wedding

I haven't blogged a wedding in awhile. Truthfully I have been busier than I would like to be, and each moment "off the clock" I have been soaking up the MN summer sun.  Also I am not sure if anyone reads blogs anymore?  And also I treat vacation as sacred and love shutting off my email.  And while I am sure other photographers would prefer not to admit that they can't keep up the illusion of "doing it all" (or also maybe they can and I just love playing with clay and having coffee with people who friend me on instagram)...but either way, I have needed a break....

But THIS wedding was just calling to be shared!  Yes, it was at one of the coolest venues in the city, including vintage flags, a flower wall made by the bride, gold spray painted dinosaurs, a live band, smores bar for dessert, and so much more I could brag about (and certainly will share enough pictures to show that off).  But what made it so special was it didn't feel like a work day in the least.  Ashley and Andrew and family just let me in, and I felt as if I fit into their day so gracefully.   I think that is what makes Ashley and Andrew so amazing.  You feel their energy as soon as you are in their presence, their joy, their tears, their wholehearted smiles, are contagious.  You just know you are in the presence of a big big love. 

Oh and also they can throw one hell of a party!

**Also huge shout out to my talented second photographer Annabelle.  (check out her work!) 


Elizabeth & Mitch

While visiting a fellow wedding photographer, she mentioned that she reminds her couples of the purpose of an engagement session.  As a moment to look back on, perhaps shared with children, children's children; a testament to who you were when you were young and in love.  In this sense, Elizabeth and Mitch will now forever hold this hot summer night, curling up in wildflowers, and dipping toes in the muddy river as the hot sun fell from the sky.  


Miryah & Michael | Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Engagement


Photographing Miryah and Michael felt like a day spent with old friends.  Not an ounce of it felt like work as we simply did what they love, explored a new place together, and I was so happy to be invited to come along.  I still have a suitcase full of clothes that smell of campfire smoke and I can't yet get myself to unpack them.  And instead of telling you what these images mean for me, I will share what was in my inbox after they viewed them: 

"You've captured us and our hearts for adventure so perfectly, it's just simply the most beautiful and raw reflection of us.  It's almost like looking at your own relationship from an outside view as a witness, and seeing all the love and joy as tangible, captured in beautiful snapshots...everything you already know you felt inside, exposed to the world."

Miryah & Michael_137.jpg
Miryah & Michael_386.jpg