A More Honest Story

As we drain the last drops from our cups and reach again for the bottle of wine, we hear your souls whisper, “But I’m afraid this might change everything for me if I actually started telling a more honest story.” - The Parsons 

I just spent 4 days in the BWCA (Minnesota's protected wilderness area) with 8 close girlfriends; canoeing, portaging, being chilled by the rain, drinking dirt-filled coffee, skinny dipping, filling time with long conversations, stretching up into the morning sky, taking naps in the sun, and deeply filling my lungs. 

It was the kind of trip that makes you notice your heart is pumping blood through your body, that you so exquisitely exist.  That your sore muscles are reminders that you are healthy and hold a strength you forgot.  Where a dip in the lake is washing off more then the dirt that has settled on your skin.  

I think most of us carry a weight with us, a mask of sorts.  Settling in to a version of ourselves that is watered down and gentle.  But I am always pushing for my photography to be more then that, to dig deeper for the truth.  It makes sense to start here, with my own honest story.  

I have now for almost two years done a weekly photo project, documenting about 1 image a week, but it was beginning to fade and feel shallow.  So to re-introduce a way of personal documenting I have found some help.  Starting next month a group of photographers and myself will be documenting 10 images on the 10th day of each month, from 1 day the previous month.  The premise, to be storytellers of the miraculous intimate world around each of us, and to gathering these stories together.   

So here is my first 10-on-10 (even though I am sharing WAY more then 10 images and it is on the 11th, but just give me a bit of grace).  A trip that reaffirmed my belief in gathering together with soulful women and the restorative power of nature.