Flowers In Her Hair || Hannah & Desiree

Our home is a revolving door.  When we first looked at renting apartments my husband asked "Do you really think we need a two bedroom?  I don't feel like a lot of people will stay."  I laughed knowing it was one of those if-you-build-it-they-will-come sort of situations and we opted for two.

And sure enough each summer has played out the same.  As soon as one guest leaves another flows in.  This could not of been more obvious this last few weeks as we welcomed a friend from Alaska, a sister on her way to Portland, a visit from Mom, an impromptu bachelor party,  the usual best friend visits, and my aunt and cousins from Florida.

Now it certainly is not because of my hosting skills.  We can't even promise we will be home much as our summer schedules send us both all over (we've handed out almost too much spare keys to count).  But our home does offer a guilt free space to crash and comfy couches to lay your head.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.  These casual visits are the stories of our summer.  That Tuesday  I was late for work because I slowly sipped coffee with my aunt and discussed her latest missionary work, or walks across the bridge with friends to enjoy Sunday brunch, nights my husband sleeps out on the couch because him and his best friend try to watch Ghost Busters at 2 in the morning, and of course photo adventures.   Stealing flowers from the neighbors bushes, purchasing day old peonies, hand making crowns, and reminding the women i love just how beautiful and life-giving they are.  

Flowers In Her Hair || Laura & Rachel


The amount of times I have been told "Wedding Photography and a full time job?!  Well there goes your summer."  It is more times then I can count.  But here is the secret; most days, there isn't anything I would rather do more then spend some time creating with people I love.   So if I could spend every evening after work soaking up the sun, sitting on the front porch, dancing in the park, and then editing away as it gets dark consider me one happy girl.  Especially if that day also includes the beautiful, funny, life-giving company of Laura & Rachel. 

Flowers In Her Hair || Tori

Not only has this project been a way to create connections with all sorts of women I cross paths with, but a way to explore this unique city of ours.  I love that I can google a coffee shop in someones neighborhood to meet at and know that there are pretty little corners all over this beautiful city to be discovered.  When you simply take time to slow down and really look at the beauty of a place all of a sudden it is all around.

 Also Tori has a contagious smile so I am just beaming at how this session turned out.