Sacred Small Spaces

Tis the season for gathering!  First Rich and I headed to Wisconsin to celebrate with Rich's side of the family, where we ate warm meals, explored in the snow, and basically camped out by the fireplace for two days sharing stories with family.  It was a beautiful home, filled with just as wonderful people.  It was hard to imagine a Christmas away from my own family, but what a blessing the family I am entering has become. As my immediate family expands to add in fiancées, scheduling our own holiday celebrations have become a bit more difficult.  So we became the hosts this year, due to being a middle ground meeting place.  This meant squeezing all our family (and some friends) into our little two bedroom apartment for the weekend.  It was quickly filled  with cooking, games, presents, laughter, all the best of Christmas, and of course, a whole lot of love.

I even heard my dad say "there is something nice about a small kitchen, it brings everyone close"   This year for me, Christmas was found in the sacred small spaces I shared with the ones I love.


Family Gathering

As Rich and I left my home on Saturday, I laughed at a comment my mom had said.  "Maybe you are not feeling well, because you are always busy and you get sick when you rest."   I could not believe that anyone in their right mind, would call the last two days rest! My holiday  consisted of constant conversation,  jumping barking dogs, sharing a twin bed, people constantly in and out, babies, early mornings, late nights, drinking games, eating, eating, eating, yelling, laughing, fighting, sneaking in a nap during thanksgiving number 3...

Believe me, I did not get sick from too much rest!  Seriously, I napped on Rich's couch during their thanksgiving, and then slept in till 1:30 today.  But after making my joke as we were pulling away, Rich laughed and said, "Yes they may be loud and crazy.  But more then any other family I know, they understand the value in gathering together."

That is certainly true.  We all make sure to find our way home for the holidays one way or another.  No matter how off beat our holiday's may be, no matter what friends we pick up along the way to join in, regardless of whether we throw every other tradition out the window,  we will always make our way home for the holidays.

This is my family -- these are our gatherings.  These wild, unrestful, sacred gatherings for which I am so grateful.