Christine & Harrison | Film Black & White

For me there is a rhythm to creativity, a natural up and down.  When I am in a down swing my response is always to quit focusing on the end product and really dive into the process.  Lately film has been a great way to explore a slower, more intentional process of image making, and has provided an incredible spark to the usual post wedding season lull.  

I am so thankful that Christine and Harrison continue to let me use them as subjects when I need a creative push.  (You may recognize them from the y in-home morning session I did previously).  So while I awkwardly re-loaded film and fussed around with a much bulkier/heavier camera than I was used to, they patiently gave me space, and fell into the most lovely, sincere embraces.  

For someone who is always drawn to the slow and intentional work when creating, I don't know how it took me so long to find this process.  And as for the results, the timelessness of black and white and the beauty of film grain  has me falling in love.