October - Personal 10

Its October and wedding season is coming to an end, and while it has been one of the most rewarding, tiring, emotional, whirlwind there will be one thing I don't miss; the comparison game.  Every Sunday as I uploaded my images onto Instagram, dozens of other photographers did the same, and honestly it has been exhausting.  At first I thought it would be inspiring, seeing everyones perfectly crafted couples, but it all started to feel similar.  Everyone just racing for the most likes out of their square.  

Then I took The Art of the Unexpected through The Define School and it was exactly what I needed.  Studying historically influential artists and truly moving art, I was reminded to quit creating for others, wrestle up against tough and challenging artistic concepts, and create something that moves my heart.  

And the mood of the fall season has completely enveloped me; moody color palettes, wind blown leaves, and cozy evenings spent sipping warm drinks.  Creating impressions of fall has been a breath of fresh air.   My grainy picture of coffee cups and house plants may not generate as much attention as a perfectly crafted latte, and maybe these abstract leaf images don't cause you to pause and spend time with them as they do for me.  But it doesn't matter, because these images were created from a place where I was free.