Mothers & Makers | Tamar

"Thrown by mom, squished by Edwin."

Tamar's work has changed from fine detailed ceramics to expressive abstract shapes.  Mostly due to the 3 year old wielding a paint brush or pulling off pieces of clay to add to the pile he is gathering as she works.  There is also the new addition, Walter, a sweet baby boy who calls to squirm around in his mom's clay covered arms.  While others would consider this a distraction and interruption from the work, Tamar encourages her families presence and participation in her creative world.  Just a few hours photographing in Tamar's front yard and it became so clear.  Her creativity isn't reserved for only the quiet moments she can sneak away from other responsibilities, but simply an integrated part of both her and her families everyday life.  It is part of the fabric of who they are.