Mothers & Makers

As a creative, my way of processing my own world, often involves asking questions and then bringing that into my work.  Being in the Midwest and married for a couple years now, the "when are you having children?" question comes up constantly.

Motherhood.  For me, simply when, is not the question.  My questions have way more to do with balance and sacrifice, environmental responsibility, the call to motherhood, the societal frameworks and barriers parenthood brings.  Even just beginning to ask these questions, lead to the realization that for women, being an artist is often considered selfish.  Choosing the selfless act of raising a child,  also feels like a call to trade in the selfish parts of myself.  

I know that my creativity isn't selfish.  It is an extension of who I am, it is what I NEED to do.  It is my living, breathing being at work.  But the truth is, when asking around my creative circles very few of my friends could name examples of mothers they knew working in their creative fields, or even list artists they admired who were also mothers.  

So this project was born. 

I want to fill a space (online or physical) with images of women navigating both these spheres.  

Mothers & Makers.