Joe & Jess

I don't know if I could find two kinder people then Joe and Jess.

Joe is the brother of one of my favorite friends and photographer, Gabe.  Over and over, he had shared with me just how amazing this couple was, and how incredible this day was going to be.  How it would mean the world to everyone who had cheered on and supported this couple for the last 12 years.  

With the perfect spring day and the St. Paul skyline as a backdrop, I had the honor of photographing Joe & Jess's day.  I am filled with gratitude to be invited into the joy-filled community that these two have grown together.  I can't help but see that joy radiating on every face that day and every single time I look through these images.

Venue: A'Bulae

Dress: A&Be Minneapolis

Florist: Couture Fleur

Hair: 139 Hair by Heidi

Makeup: SKIN Minneapolis