Often times I find that my life is bringing up repeat themes.  Maybe it is because it is a message I need to hear so I am finding it more often.  Or perhaps I am looking for it, because it touched on something true and continues to send waves to my heart.  Regardless, right now the message I keep coming across is one of remembering, looking back.

One such message is about childhood.  Reflecting on play.  What did you do purely on impulses and passions, before the "should-dos" were established and you simply did what must?  How did you see the world?  Perhaps in our childhood holds clues, little answers to all the searching we do in the present to figure out what it is we should be doing and what our callings are.

The second, a sense of these days we have now are short and fleeting. That the now will be worth remembering.   I am not the same person I was 5 years ago, 1 year ago, last month.  We are constantly changing.  And these moments we have today are worth holding on to.

So while thinking forward, on how my 2016 weddings should look, I decided to truly focus on the honoring of those moments in time by adding a heirloom box to the collections.  It is my hope that each of my brides and grooms will have their own little wooden box to hold images and collections of that day.  (Of course if you would like one from a family session or your wedding this year, I would love to make them available, so you can find them over in The Shop).

Ah, I can already see it!  Sitting on the coffee table of your first home, or pulling it off the shelf years and years later and blowing off the dust.  It simply makes my heart swell.  If we hold on to these little pieces of our history what will they be able to tell us in the future?  What will they once again stir up inside us as we reflect?