Flowers In Her Hair || Stephanie

One of my favorite parts of these Flowers In Her Hair sessions is the fact that every single time I have asked someone if they are interested it has been an automatic YES.  Yet every time I get nervous to ask.  It's like being a kid in the park again, wondering if your friend wants to play.  But the more I do these sessions the more I realize how everyone is looking for that opportunity.  

I had brought my camera along to the Berkas home "just in case" but had not taken it out of the bag.  It was actually Stephanie who timidly said, "if I would of thought of it sooner we could of done a flower session" the evening before we were headed out.   5min later our shoes were on and we were out the door to find a flower shop!

Once again, the combination of creating crowns and uplifting beautiful women in my life is an incredible thing.  But capturing that beauty in the heart of their home, in this case, surrounded by family (the hubby and pup) it is just comes to life.