Flowers In Her Hair || Emily, Quinn & Avery

To decorate a woman, remind her of her beauty, is always powerful.  We are all broken, and there is healing in doing something simply for the purpose of extravagance and self love.  And without going anywhere, but right in your own home, the tapestry for the beautiful woven mess of it all.  This project is becoming close to my heart. 

But this session has me thinking Flowers In Her Hair may have been meant for Mothers.  


Because show me one new momma who hasn't cried right along side her baby on tired late nights, or who doesn't have piles of clothes and diaper boxes piled up or hidden in back rooms. She looks at this human, this tiny new life in the world, and is filled to the brim with each and every piece of it and begins to pour out her heart.  

Brave new momma, you deserve all the extravagance and self-love.