February - Personal 10

No dinner reservations or flowers delivered to the door, we have never been ones for big plans or gift giving. Romantic gestures never correlate with a specific date on the calendar.  There were years of forgotten dating anniversaries, but I could tell you we got engaged sometime in August.  I worked on our first wedding anniversary and he will work on our second, but hopefully we will find a quiet weekend to go up to the cabin.  And maybe that makes you cringe, a relationship without surprises and big signs of affection seems absent.  But our language of small intimacies is what speaks to my heart.  

The mornings we can stay in bed laughing and chatting, him cooking me eggs and making coffee while I hang out on the kitchen floor wrapped in a blanket.   The fact that we make tacos for dinner once a week because he knows how much I love them.  And how I try my hardest to remember what can go in the recycling and to grab the re-usable bags before going to the store (even though I swear there is something wrong with my brain because I thought it would get easier over time). 

"All I can tell you is once you see the magic in the little things, you'll be fine, because magic knows exactly when that happens & it'll never leave you alone after that"  - Brian Andreas

This February's personal images from Valentines day.  A friend came over with a hand-me-down film camera and we spent the evening making grainy blurry pictures in our apartment for the sake of creating while Rich cooked up tacos and here are all these silly imperfect images that I can't get enough of.  

***I always have a "get more personal pictures/try new things" project somehow in the works.  For now it loosely seems to be a collection of 10ish photos once a month.  I created the category Personal 10 so you can see past collections (but more so its there for me as a way of being able to easily look back until one day I get all these personal images into photo books filled with little notes in the margins)