Mothers & Makers | Jen & Sage

We take a million snaps of our growing children, but how often do we stop to look at our own change?  I loved using this session as a chance to create images of Jen as a mother and document the relationship she shares with her first child.  Images that I am sure will be looked back on by her daughter, Sage, as a way to see the beautiful, young, strong woman jumping into motherhood.  

Lauren & Estelle

Someone recently told me you have to treat conversation like you are giving a tour of your house.  You spend some time out on the "porch" with polite greetings and the how are yous.  Then you move into the "kitchen" to chat about common interests (ya know, sports and stuff).  Then the "living room" where you can start sharing more personal narratives....

This is about the point where I cut in and said, so when do we get to the basement stuff?

For me, we might as well skip the formalities because I already answered the question "how are you?" with way too many personal details.  

As a photographer, this willingness to dive into conversation that cultivates deeper connection, serves me well.  Over and over, I am reminded that much of this job is about being a good listener.  So I am constantly trying to politely nudge an invite to hear people's stories.  

With Lauren I skipped the sudtleties.   My email went something like this;  I want to take photos that honor you and your experience of becoming a mother.  What parts have been the hardest? What parts have made it all worth it? What do you want your child to see in you? What do you never want to forget?  

I am beyond thankful she accepted the invitation to be fully seen and heard.  Her willingness to share so openly created the space to make images that speak wholeheartedly to her truth.  Skipping all formalities, we were diving straight into the real, and hard, beautiful and painful parts of loving yourself through transitions, as if we had known each other for years.  

To take these honest images for her and Estelle was an honor.  

Thank you, for this reminder of what love looks like.  


The Holt Family | Storytelling Session

I have been dipping my toes in family photography these last couple of weeks with little expectations except a chance to explore storytelling photography outside of weddings.   I knew I still wanted these sessions to be soaked in the same raw and honest imagery that shows the love and beauty in the ordinary moments.   And while I had no idea what to expect entering the home of a family of five I had never met, I received the warmest welcome and complete freedom to capture them just as they are.

Ingrid, Nathan, Elijah, Mimi, and baby Isaac.  Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home. 

Holt Family_119.jpg
Holt Family_124.jpg
Holt Family_189.jpg
Holt Family_197.jpg
Holt Family_229.jpg