Becky & Ryan || A Family Engagement Session

I am so smitten with this family my heart could just burst.  From the affirming complements of the youngest "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER" to the pre-teen who took awhile warming up but fell in love with the hiking trails, the daughter that brought a camera of her own and the other who shared stories with me as we walked.  

And of course the amazing parents!  Who's recent engagement is bringing all these kids together and loving them with graceful hearts that say go, and explore your world, and have adventures (just try not to get your shorts too wet)!  They applied that same grace to their session, forgetting about keeping the white shirts unstained, and without torturously trying to line up the kids perfectly, plastered with cheesy smiles.  Instead we captured their day authentically, and  it really was the best day ever.  I can not wait to photograph this family more on the wedding day.