Ashley & T | Minneapolis Engagement Session

I am an engineer.  This means I absolutely love a quiet coffee shop to edit for hours (the reason why I can get you your wedding gallery in less than two weeks), am happy to go through all the details of your day, and am constantly challenging myself to learn new things.  

What this also means though is I have a giant personal space bubble!!   While my family, ENFP dominated friend group, and husband have been trying to break this (I am literally surrounded by people who's love language is touch)  it still takes me awhile to warm up.  

So I am not sure what was about Ashley and T; their inviting personalities, her contagious smile, the way he can make her eyes light up.  But something called me to come in close.  AND IT WAS SO POWERFUL.   Combining story alongside these intimate portraits I can feel their love pulse right through me in these images.