DeAnn & Isaac

I am so excited to share these photos!  I always tell couples to pick a place they connect with for their session, but after meeting with DeAnn, I felt her and Isaac were a perfect fit to bring to a place I love.  Tall trees, and canoes, campfires, and sunsets - this session is full of the beauty of northern Minnesota.  It was a joy to walk around this camp and get to know more about DeAnn and Isaac as a couple.  The more they shared, the more I felt connected to their story, the intentional wedding day they are planning, and the love they bring into their every day.  

Leah & Elyse | Motherhood Session

Elyse and Leah are sisters who had their first children, Thomas and Coco, within weeks of each other.  It was so incredible to photograph not only them and their new babies, but also how their own relationship to each other has grown and shifted as they are diving into motherhood at the same time.  

Life has a way of being cyclical, taking stories I thought you learned everything from and bringing it back around to teach something more.  I know Elyse and Leah because we grew up together.  Our mothers had found a friendship as they jumped into a shared experience of motherhood.  During this session, I couldn't help but feel like for the first time, I was getting a glimpse of the relationship shared by our own mothers.  That once upon a time we would of been the babies rolling and wiggling around as our young moms, wide eyed and full of love, grew into their new identities. 

With every fiber in my bones I feel the truth in these images.  I already picture them 30 years old, with faded yellowed edges.  I imagine their adult children holding them in their hands, memories from a day they can't remember, and all of a sudden recognizing their mothers in new ways.  

I am forever grateful for Elyse and Leah let me capture who they are, and the love radiating from their hearts, so honestly and up close.  





Christine & Harrison | Cedarhurst Mansion Wedding

Their day felt like music.  The kind that stirs your heart and makes you smile and blink back tears.  The way it makes you feel connected, more present, undeniably aware of the love and beauty surrounding you.  What an honor it has been to receive a glimpse into Christine and Harrison's lives and families.  Here is their wedding day: 

Wedding Venue: Cedarhurst Mansion

Decor & Floral: Festivities

Dress Shop: A&Be     Design: Wtto by Watters

Second Photographer: Katie Kopan Photography