Facing Fears

I certainly didn't think I would be posting this photo on the blog for the world to see; a photography challenge from a class I just completed in which we were asked to capture a portrait of our deepest fears.  But I set out to capture a weekly image and there is no doubt that facing my fears was a continuous theme of the last week. It is not all pretty.  Some weeks you need a good cry, sometimes you have to dig up all the big stuff, sometimes you have to curl up and think about all of it and feel that heavy weight on your chest.  But I leave full of gratitude for the challenge, because even though it was hard, giving myself permission to wrestle with my fears and dreams gave me the strength to be honest with myself about what it is that drives me, and what changes are ahead.

"In the end, we all have to make our own way down the long, rewarding path toward hard-earned individuality, with all of its flaws."  - David Coggins, Kinfolk Mag