Laura & Tyler

Well, I have been dying to share some of these so here they are.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting alongside Gabe Photography.  And because he just kills it at what he does, while he was busy capturing everything else, I got to focus on just capturing some of the more quiet moments with the couple.  WHICH IS MY FAVORITE. Yes, that picture makes your shoes look fantastic, and those goofy groomsmen will always make you laugh.  But the images that pull at my heart strings are these.  The ones where you let the chaos and excitement of the day fade away, and for a moment just loved each other.  It is my wish that Tyler & Laura can look back at these and feel a sense of overwhelming love.  That they will be reminded that love can always be abundantly poured out, into their community, into their work and lives, and of course into their relationship with one another.  So that even when marriage is hard (because lets face it, you just signed up to have another human being share your life with you and that is going to get messy sometimes) you can be reminded of that abundance.

**Plus WOW, look how great you two look!  Marriage looks good on you!**