Celebrating the Ordinary

This weekend was a rush that left me in a state of both physical and emotional exhaustion in the name of celebration.  A long time friend and the lovely woman he found, were married.  And it was so beautiful. It was also tiring.  Tiring in the sense that I had to take the long way to the reception to have a moment in the car.  To breath, and cry, to be alone for a second.  (Sorry Tyler, I work to keep my emotions at bay, and all the emotions coming out of you just about knocked me out!)  For everyone else who had the honor of bearing witness to the celebration I am sure it was life-giving. For the second shooter (me) that had to remove her tights at one point, because with all the running around they had become too hot and restricting, it was a roller coaster of a day.

But as always, when everything is speeding quickly and chaotically around you, life finds a way of slapping you with a simple truth and stopping you in your tracks.  While at the reception I ran into an old friend and mentor, Joy.   She asked how married life has been, and in my state of exhaustion, all I could do was express the joy I was finding in slowing down, settling in, and just living life with Rich.  She responded, yes, isn't it amazing to just celebrate the ordinary.

It is amazing.  So so important and beautiful and amazing.  To take a step back from all the lights, and decor, and rush, and energy of a wedding and just take a moment to recognize that these are two humans who have chosen to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their time here.

My hope is, that this morning Laura and Tyler can sit and share their cups of coffee, snuggled up on a couch, and continue to celebrate.   A quiet celebration of how even the simple ordinary moments in life have been transformed by love.