River Reflections

In a world that seems to be screaming, shouting,

you have got to be loud to get what you want.  

Then quick, chase after it, for everything is surely fleeting...

Instead I choose stillness.

To simply listen.

& in that place of silence, I feel all the things that tug on my heart, like the steady pull of a river current.  

I am so incredibly thankful for these images by Michelle Gardella.  For her incredible talent and cracked open heart that allows her to see the world the way she does.

I also have so much gratitude for the community of women that helped me go to Connecticut and your beautiful words of love and support.  Light pours out of each and every one of you!

I went to the river to share my story.   But turns out I wasn't there to talk, I was there to listen.  & it is through these images that my own self is being revealed to me.  Today while looking at these images I thought;

she has a sort of quiet power, doesn't she.