Sabrina & Jefferson

Sabrina moved to Cali, Columbia to teach.  There she met Jefferson.  They fell in love.

Sabrina has been a long time friend of mine, and while chatting once she gave me some insight into her and Jefferson's relationship;

"I taught him how to make chocolate chip cookies as he helped me practice my Spanish. So, since then, we find ourselves in the kitchen a lot together. It´s where we have our conversations, deep discussions, Spanish/English lessons, dance sessions, and ridiculous jokes while making meals for one another. Not only is it a chance for us to fill each other up with food, but to fill our souls up with the stimulation of one another. I have personally always loved cooking, but to be able to share it with one another makes it even greater."

Incorporating food into their engagement shoot felt natural, we spent the morning at the farmer's market, and planned a picnic to follow.  Unfortunately the rain stopped the picnic, but it didn't stop there love from shining through!   I adore these two and was so grateful to spend time with them on their short visit to the states!


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