Nick & Jolene

All morning I couldn't help but keep checking my weather app.  1pm 50% rain, by 2pm 60%, by 4pm (wedding time) 80%.   I jokingly told my dad as I headed out the door, well pray for the 20% sunshine!

Nick and Jolene were planning an intimate ceremony in Jolene's parents backyard.  They had set up the most beautiful space right in a field, overlooking the river and the woods in the background.   Well it did rain, but this couple simply embraced it.   At one point in the day, soaking wet and smiling, Jolene turned to me and said, Whatever the weather, the outcome of the day is the same.  We will be married.  That is what I care about.  I just want to be married to Nick.

It was such a blessing to be able to witness the love Jolene has for Nick, and accompany both of them on their wedding day!  I simply couldn't of dreamed up a more magical rainy day.