Ian & Rachel

Here it is, the last of my "lovebirds" sessions.  These sessions were something I put on my blog about 2 months ago as a photo session give away to couples who wanted to help me build my portfolio. I had an incredible turnout of couples who wanted their love photographed, but with Ian and Rachel I pursued them!  Last week they both posted the most adorable selfies of their couples road trip that I couldn't help myself from sending a facebook message asking them for a photo-sess/ hang out.  (I should also mention that hanging out with these two is just as much a treat!)  It was such a fun evening. They are just simply adorable.

I truly enjoyed every single lovebird session.  Gosh, spending two months surrounded by people in love, I don't think it gets much better then that!  While I am sad to see these sessions end, I am so so excited to share with you the oh-so-pretty portfolio that all of these beautiful people have helped me create!  (I will be sharing it in a blog post soon!)