Katie, Mike & Rosslyn

Meet Rosslyn everyone!  And fall in love with her and her parents just as I have! Katie had the perfect vision for the pictures.  No bows or costumes or props, just baby being baby!   And Roz in her onesie was just a little model!

Usually I am slightly adverse to family photography.  Mainly because the "lets all wear matching shirts and pose in the park" images seem to lack what I am drawn to, and that is the authentic connections that happen in the moments when your not posing for a camera.  But to get a chance to capture some intimate moments between momma and baby as well as pull in dad for a few family portraits simply around their home was amazing!  It was a dream!  So anyone looking for more of this storytelling approach to family photography let me know!

Otherwise, just stick around and love on baby Rosslyn for a little bit!