Bre & Ari

Each weekend this month I have been taking pictures of couples who signed up for my "lovebird" sessions.  Even though I absolutely love photography, it can become a bit overwhelming.  It has meant communicating and scheduling sessions (usually 2 a weekend), constantly renting lenses, finding new and inspiring places to shoot, and then running around town with a couple.  Then there is the editing, blogging, and completing assignments for my photography class... not surprisingly, by Sunday I am feeling burnt out.  I am getting my weekly image for my 52 project up on the blog at 10 o'clock at night and wishing I could just shut my computer and relax before starting the work week again in the morning. But then there are weekends like this last one.  Where it is spent with such amazing couples that it feels effortless.  When the photo shoots turn into time to just chat and catch up.  When I quit worrying about whether I got the images and just enjoy the company.

Bre and Ari's session was such a reflection of the people they are; relaxed and fun.  They were such a needed reminder as to why I am doing this; to use photography as a way to connect with others, get a glimpse into the stories that shape them, celebrate the beauty of love, and create moments and memories that will be treasured.