Wishlist for the Universe

Ok universe, usually I sit quietly and come up with all sorts of big dreams and wishes in my head, but now I want to shout some off a mountaintop!  (Ok ok, maybe just send them out into the blogosphere, but as you will see with wish number 3, I do want a mountaintop to come into play at some point...) I am currently taking photography classes, and what I am realizing that I am constantly battling my own resistance. Here are 5 things that I either see as scary and overwhelming, or feel that I am not ready for or know too little, or I simply just rationalize them as irrational.   But they are my truths; my photography day dreams.

I don’t need all of these things to happen tomorrow.  I simply want to be empowered knowing I put myself out there.  That I boldly proclaimed all those secret quiet wishes that fill my heart.  So here they are.

Photograph a ProposalThis would just be the greatest thing ever!  I “almost” got to do this with my sister.  I say almost because what I walked in on was the post proposal ugly cry of a girl who was just overwhelmed with excitement and emotion.  Frankly, we spent more time composing her then composing any images, and being it was my sister I felt more called to be in the moment then behind the lens.  But still, I was able to capture a few photos, and it was such a beautiful and raw moment of love, and such a pivotal moment in any couples story, that I feel I need to capture it again.  (Plus fellas, this is the stuff a lot of women dream about.  Believe me; I have seen their pinterest boards!)

Do a Photo Shoot in the MountainsI dream of new landscapes!  Ever sense discovering this poston the Sincerely, Kinsey blog, I long for an engagement shoot amongst the mountain tops, or the tall trees, or a new city, or anywhere really foggy. (also preferably and perhaps randomly west coast, it is calling my name).  

Get Photographed in a River by Michelle GardellaBeautiful, empowered, spiritual women, all bringing their stories to the river, now that is a tribe I want to be part of. 

Shoot My First WeddingHere is my big scary one.  The one I can talk myself out of and say I’m just not ready.  Obviously adding more second shooting opportunities to my basket and continuing to take photography classes will boost my confidence, and I will continue to seek out those, but my dream is to find the perfect couple who is willing to take this big first adventure with me.  I need a bride that wants to tell me all the details of her love story and share in all her stressful planning, and loves that I want multiple coffee dates to prepare (because she knows that I am going to do the best dang job I can to capture their beautiful day).

Use Photography to Give a VoiceI would love the opportunity to shoot for a non-profit or any organization and be able to use photography as a means to giving a voice to a cause or community that otherwise may not have been heard.  When I am behind the lens, more and more I am realizing how it gives me the unique power to bear witness, and then capture that moment, so that through sharing others can bear witness as well.  

So there you have it, big bright exciting world. I will continue to, as bravely as I can, take on all the adventures you throw at me (and will be patiently waiting to see what you have in store)!