Well the New Year has arrived!  Naturally, like every year before, I started making plans to go to the gym more, save more, work harder, spend wiser, eat healthier, end that bad habit, and so on and so on…the list looks similar every year. But the reason I love blogging is that it has always forced me to reflect on my experiences. So I am starting 2014, by looking back.  What were the things in 2013 that made me truly happy?

// creating a home instead of just another apartment // realizing I inherited my mother’s call to always provide an open home to anyone // finding peace on a yoga mat // celebrating weddings // deepening friendships // learning how to bring my own unique perspective to my photography // saying YES to a lifetime with the person I love most //

None of these things have anything to do with that new years list.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think all New Year’s resolutions are bad, but where I see a problem is in the intention.  It seems to me, we are constantly attempting to “create” better versions of ourselves.  This will be the year I will become fit, healthier, richer, more successful… but in fact, the things that make us the happiest, we ourselves cannot create. Instead our spirits are sparked through self discovery and deepening connections.

So here are my New Year’s resolutions; • Place experiences and adventures as a higher priority than material possessions • Dedicate 1 day (at least an hour) a week to feeding my imagination and creativity • Be happy knowing that a successful person can be defined as someone who is bettering the lives of those around them

So this year I do not want to attempt to “create” a better version of myself.  But instead, I will put my energy into discovering and embracing my authentic self.  I don't know all what it has in store, but thats the magic.  Here is to hoping that everyone finds exciting new surprises, friendships, and adventures in this new year!

(Also photo credit to the talented and much loved Gabe Stejskal)