Filling Up

After a busy month finally came to an unplanned halt, as I wound up in bed with the flu on Tuesday evening, I knew it was time for some much needed rest.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent basically coughing, eating soup, and sleeping. We had our engagement pictures planned for Friday, which by that time I had passed along my sickness to Rich, and we lovingly sniffled and coughed our way through a shoot around our favorite place in the world, Camp Vermillion.  We then drove in the dark over to a resort home on Lake Mille Lacs to join some friends.  I made some short conversation, but still feeling worn, quickly found a bed again.

When Saturday morning came, and I woke at 8:30am,  I snuck out of my room to enjoy some peaceful solitude on the couch.  I rested in the sunlight coming in through the windows, which were showing off a view of fall colors and the waves against the shoreline.  I dove into the most inspiring collection of essays/photos, in this quarter's edition of Kinfolk Magazine.  (For those who have never indulged, here is a sneak peak;The Idler: How to Do Nothing)  About a half hour later, Rich came down the stairs and rested his head in my lap and quickly fell asleep as I continued reading and sipped on my morning coffee.  Thats when I came across this quote, and simply could not have said it better, "You only need small refreshing moments to top up your sense of how well everything is."

Ah, a deep energizing breath of a restful moment found.

Here's to many more quite mornings, filled with peace, rest and coffee.