Discovering the Tangible

This was something I wrote down in mid-august after a weekend at the lake.
On our drive to the lake on Thursday evening I started a conversation with Rich around the “loss of things tangible”. This was an idea brought on by Artifact Uprising, a print company with this as their mission:

ARTIFACT UPRISING // inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible / bettered by a community of inspired storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. Tell On.

The phrase “disappearing beauty of the tangible” struck a chord. How often are we reaching out into social media for a comment, or a like, a retweet, hoping to achieve self-affirmation and fulfillment, but find it to be empty and energy depleting? Or how often can we scroll through a facebook album of 500 pictures in about 2 minutes and never really stop to see the beauty? But somehow we have become attached to this. I know, just as much as others, I can get sucked into my iPhone, and the world of pinterest, and instagram, and whatever other app is the flavor of the week, to help me feel connected…But while I am constantly staying “connected” something is lost.

The tangible.

What a great word to describe what is missing. All those things you can touch and feel and gain energy from; like the feeling of seeing one of my photographs in print.  I have such a sense of joy when feeling the weight of the paper in my hands, studying the ink on the textured surface, and really examining the beauty of it.

Or after summer of constant buzz of celebrating huge life events with friends, entertaining family, opening our home, starting new jobs and diving into projects (all of which have been wonderful and challenging), having a weekend off to go to the lake.

We were so excited, Excited for the peacefulness of waves hitting the shore, and for humbled hearts after gazing at the stars. Anxious for the stillness of the outdoors. Awaiting the cleansing power of jumping into a cold lake, and the warmth of the sun on our skin. All the life giving energy harvested from being in God’s Creation, and the simplicity of life when you allow yourself to just be where you are, seeing, experiencing, loving, all that is tangible.

Little did I know Rich had a plan to bring a large tangible commitment into our relationship, in the form of a ring, that very weekend! (Which I’m sure will inspire many blogs down the road). But today I just want to be thankful for the blessings of the tangible; and all the things and people who bring real love and kindness and beauty into my life.