About Me 


I have always been an artist at heart.  Even as a child I approached the world with a deep curiosity.  Days were spent running in the woods & sand piles around our home, barefooted and braids in my hair.  Always discovering, creating, problem solving.  Nights were spent scribbling away in my journal, pouring out my words.   

I process internally, often feeling too quiet when I could not match a theatrical performance to that inner swirl of emotions.   Now I have embraced my calm demeanor as a blessing, a way to be a thoughtful and conscious observer.  A way of feeling my way through the world, and extending a space for real heartfelt conversation. 

I am constantly moving towards what motivates me to move and create. Chasing sparks has meant a career in chemical engineering to artist residencies in the North Cascades of Washington, to living and working from a camper for a year with my partner, Rich.

Rich is my person to call home; the resting place for my ever moving, ever creating mind.  He pours compassion into everything he does, and there is simply no other human I would want to walk through life alongside.  

I find my grounding in relationships;  rooted by connections.  I believe there is so much power and beauty in our shared experiences.  People openly revealing to one another how messy and flawed, yet undeniably amazing this life is.  I view my photography as a dance between these intimate moments, both ordinary and the sacred.